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First Choice being in the forefront of security industry capitalized in providing property guards and surveillance services. We offer our services to banks, malls, business offices, SMEs, and large enterprises in any part of Dubai, UAE. Our security guards are fully prepared, well-equipped with essential trainings, passed the qualifying examinations and accredited licenses of Dubai Police. This, with the aim of enabling them to resolve security and safety related challenges of any establishment they serve. They are mandated to be of added value to the customers by carrying out their duties with utmost diligence, integrity and loyalty at any point of time.


  • Survey of the site: Assessment; Evaluation & Recommendations of enhance security procedures
  • Highly skilled and enthusiastic manpower and guard force;
  • 24/7 operations support systems
  • Day & Night patrols to guarantee total safety and management;
  • Expertise in CCTV Control Room
  • Alert with Assertiveness
  • Accredited Programmed across the scale of competence.